In an alarm system the keyboard has a key role.IMG 4636 It is the element which allows the user to interface with the system, therefore  its functionality is critical. At the same time it is a piece of furniture and should therefore be able to adapt to the various situations that arise in the field. YSKAL keypad of Protasia represents the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and technology.

YSKAL  has a large display working on bus together with ZOE control panel. The graphic LCD display (128 x 64 dots) with blue backlight allows best viewing of data and easy system management.
The function keys allow fast and intuitive arming/disarming, partitioning and exclusions. The keypad  also features a stylish lid that allows you to hide the keys if necessary. YSKAL is a central element of the system Protasia for simplifying the user interface through the use of icons, the innovative guide on board and backlight of the keys.

The idea that led to the development of a keypad as YSKAL is, especially,  the search for simplicity of use; for this YSKAL has been provided with a built-in manual, for the users and the installers, which allows to know the functions relating the items on the on board menu. The use of the manual is very simple and intuitive thanks to flashing ["?"] button.

In addition to the innovative features and to the built-in manual, YSKAL offers a sensor for reading temperature which displays it and activate the thermostat setting of minimum and maximum thresholds beyond which you can enable the PGM . YSKAL keyboard is a very innovative, a real computer that is coupled to ZOE control panel and allows for very advanced functions and representing a true evolution of the security world.

A real innovation is the connection between keypad and pc through USB cable; that allows to easily programm the system without having to connect to keypad serial port by particular comunication interfaces. YSKAL keypad has also two built-in zones and one PGM output which can be helpful in several application.

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IMG 4241


Display Graphic LCD 128x64
Wired Zones on board 2
PGM outputs on board 1
Backlight Yes
Backlight Yes
Signaling Speaker (indoor siren function)
Temperature sensor Yes, on display
Supported languages Italian, English, Spanish
Anti-removal tamper reed Yes
Anti-opening tamper reed Yes
USB port Yes
Programmable Shortcuts Yes
Built-in manual Yes (flashing “?” key)
Partition status icon Yes
Power supply 12V +/- 30%
Humidity 95%
Dimensions 90 x 131 x 23 mm
Weight 173 g