ZOE PR-CEN0832K Control panel

ZOE is a easy-to-install control panel, suitable for IMG 4620medium systems; extrimely flexible,with a series of features and accessories which make it suitable for any type of application. ZOE has the possibility of signaling, control and remote diagnostics that make it a product unique.

Ideal for medium plants, ZOE allows you to manage 8 alarm inputs (16 with dual zone) in the basic version and reach up to 32 with the PR-EXP800 expansion module. If we match ZOE control panel with  4 PR-EXP800W expansions, we can create a completely 433 MHz wireless system, with appropriate wireless sensors and remote controls.

It is possible to arm the system in 4 different working modes:
Stay: can be used when you are at home and d’like to be protected, but you know that someone has still to arrive.
Away: can be used when you are away, but you will come back in a short time.
Night: can be used when you are at home, during night, and nobody will come back.
Holiday: can be used when you are away for a long period.

ZOE can be managed using remote keypads and/or proximity keyfobs connected on serial line or using remote controls together with proper expantion module. Alarms can be transmitted on PSTN line with the main communication  protocol using the buil-in communicator.

Thanks to the optional PR-LAN800, it is possible to communicate alarms and manage the system throught WAN or LAN; optional PR-GSM200 and PR-GSM300 allow to manage the system and send alarm message (SMS or vocal message) via GSM. Remote arming, disarming and alarm block with the user code are  possible using a mobile phone by the insertion of the appropriate command codes. 

Zone no. 8, expandable up to 32 zones.
Wired Expansions 2 units with 8 zones, installable on bus
OC outputs on control panel 3 programmable
OC outputs on expansion 7 for each expansion board (max.16)
Supported LCD keypad Up to 15
Wireless Expansions Up to 4 (8 sensors, 120 remote controls for receiver)
Proximity reader Up to 14 (up to 80 tags)
Indipendent areas 4
Input methods Stay, Away, Night, Holiday
Partitions 4
Users Up to 31
Event list Up to 512 events on list
Phone no. Up to 4 for user communication; 1 for remote managment
Domotic function Time schedule for outputs activation, temperature checking via keypad
Week schedule Yes, setting by keypad or software
Software Software for Windows

ZOE control panel  is fully programmable via MORK pc software through an innovative and convenient connection to one of the keyboards via USB cable.

The USB connection directly to the keyboard is a treat as a convenience to fast programming, just think how many times the unit must be installed in locations inconvenient to reach and the fact that it is no longer necessary to open the box to connect to the RS232 line; another important point is the fact that for the keypad  connection you can use a simple  mini USB cable  without requiring the purchasing of any special interface cable.
IMG 4632 IMG 4636

Using the supplied MORK software, which works in Windows environment, you can completely manage the system; that represents a fast and convenient working tool for the installer. MORK, intuitive and easy to use, allows uploading and downloading data; you can list customers, plants and operators. It is also possible to remotely program the alarm, get the existing programming , check it, change it if necessary and then reload on the control panel, acquire memory system events, check real-time status facility, the status of the inputs and outputs.

The control panel will be supplied with  ISKAL keypad.

Interface PC and control panel connection through USB port on keypad
Remote interface Via modem (optional)
Built-in modem PSTN (Contact ID communication)
LAN Via PR-LAN800 (optional)
GSM Via PR-GSM200 or PR-GSM300 (optional)
Primary power supply 230Vca transformer
Secondary power supply 12Vcc – 2.5A
Battery Max. battery capacity 12Vcc – 7Ah
Programmable outputs Through fuse
Temperature 0°C - 55 C°
Dimensions 290 x 260 x 80 mm
Weight  3 kg

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