Our mission

  • Being everything an operator needs to build a security system
  • Becoming a single point of reference for several operator.
  • Providing an innovative product which simplifies the operator’s work.
  • Winning with our customers to new market challenges.

Borinato e Protasia
After the statement in the CCTV field, Borinato Security has decided to tackle a new challenge in the security market, the alarm system.

From that, it has been created PROTASIA:  an innovative brand that wants to be a partner for many distributors and installers who are  looking for something new. PROTASIA, in particular, borns from the needs to differentiate our partners and from the constantly "hunger" for new challenges of Borinato Security.

The innovation lies in the simplicity of use, clarity of a brand, in the transparency of a continually expanding and bringing our customers the real partners of a new project.

Our references

  • Borinato Security Srl
  • Via Chiesa, 22 - Cap 36040
  • San Germano Dei Berici (VI)
  • Tel. +39 0444 868678
  • Fax +39 0444 868703