DT ARTAX PR-RIR2300 Detector

ARTAX is a elegant and refined dual technology detector for indoor,IMG 6260designed not only to protect but also to enhance environments. The ideal solution for those who want a reliable product, easy to install, with excellent performance and fair price.

ARTAX combines passive infrared detection and microwave ones together with anti-masking function and cloaking attempts detection.  
Both technologies are constantly monitored and managed by a microprocessor, which discriminates possible noise from a real alarm. The positioning of board  into the casing allows the sensor to carry out also a anti-slading function.

• If the sensor is covered when the system is turned off, but with the presence of positive at INIB+ input, this fact will be reported   after 50 shots (in a range of 5 minutes) of one of the two technologies (certainly at least the microwave, as it  will continue to operate for reflection) with the variation of the NC contact (optorelay alarm) and the blinking of the LED related to the masked or failed technology. In case of brocken technology or if the infrared has masked in a permanent way ( for example using invisible paint or hair spray), the sensor will automatically configure itself to the OR untilwhen it will recognize at least at once the technology that had been abandoned for one of the reasons described above.

• The sensor is also protected against the saturation of the microwave, sending an alarm to the output.

ARTAX allows you to customize its operation according to the needs of each installation. It is possible to make 4 different setting modes.

• Elimination of control on broken or blinded section if detector is disabled. There could be installation plant, in which, during disabled period, there are objects movements that, despite activating microwave, are not able to send alarm also to passive infrared. In that case broken or blinded section reporting is not helpful, therefore it must be excluded. 
• Elimination of control on broken or blinded section if detector is armed.
• AND, OR working of both sections.
• LED elimination.
• If INIB+ is not used, the detector is always enabled. Therefore, in this case, it might be annoying (for example if you consider the  installation in the bedroom) to see the sensor’s leds  that light up every time we are releved by the system.  It is therefore possible to completely disable the LEDs.

Detection area, top view.                                  Detection area, horizontal view.

ARTAX has 3 indicator leds. The first two, green and yellow show, if fixing lit, respectively IMG 6262respectively the possibility of failure of infrared or microwave sections. The third LED, of red color, indicates the storage of an alarm.
The detector can distinguish, with dedicated terminals, the “classic” output of tampering, that is activated in case of opening the container and the warning that one of the two sections is no longer detecting (possible blindness or failure of parts) .
 In this way you can make plenty of inputs available on modern and provide the final customer complete information about the status of your system.

This connector allows you to enable and disable the detector, or to make it operational, only with a special status of the ECU. Furthermore, this terminal activates the control operation of one of two technologies allowing, when the system is off, to report any fault or delusions.

ARTAX is also equipped with anti-collision system which allows to install more sensors in the same room without there being any interference between them and without the necessity of having to respect the polarity.

Detection Lenght 15-20 m
Detection Angle 98°
Suggested installation Height 2 – 2.4 m
Current draw 32mA (55mA max)
RF noise immunity Up to 2GHz
White light immunity Yes
Leds Deactivable
Memory IR - MW - Alarms
Detection mode AND / OR
Functions Antimasking warning, anti-blinding
Anticollision Yes
MW detector 10.525GHz planar-strip-line
MW sensitivity Adjustable by trimmer
IR detection Positive and negative
Temperature compensation Double
Fresnel lens 18 dual beam and LDZ
Installation Corner, wall, or with included bracket
Tamper output Separata, scambio libero switch antisabotaggio
Alarm output Separate, optoelectronic relay
Antimasking output Separate, optoelectronic relay
Power supply 12V +/- 30%
Temperature -10°C – 60°C
Humidity 95%
Dimensions 110 x 60 x 46 mm
Weight 87 gr

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