Very often it is necessary to install a reliable andIMG 4660professional wireless system. Protasia replys to this need with a extemely developed wireless system. PR-RCM800WL is a receiver which wors in 433.92 MHz band. The performance, that PR-RCM800WL is able to achieve, is fully satisfactory with advanced functions of the system diagnostics. The transceiver is connected via bus to the control panels and allow a fully integrated management of wireless devices and wired ones. Choose to install a wireless system with Protasia still means you can install a safe and noninvasive system.

The installation of a particular wireless module enables the system, even if we are using wired sensors, to be  controlled by remote.
The PR-RCM800WL is an expansion module  for 8 sensors and maximum of 120 remote controls. PR-RCM800WL has two built-in double contact relay outputs for control of power and two biult-in open collector outputs;  all fully programmable.

Wireless Zones 8
On board Receiver 1
RF receving 433.92Mhz
Open collector PGM outputs 2
PGM relay 2 (15°)
Remote controls Max. 120
Control distance 15-50 m
Power supply 12V +/- 30%
Dimensions 50 x 66 x 16 mm
Weight 53 g

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