Simply by bringing the tag or card to the reader, IMG 5250you can send commands to the system.

The proximity reader can be used to arm and disarm the system or portions of it, check the status and any alarms or faults. The version proposed by Protasia is built-in and compatible with all domestic series. With the continuing proliferation of new "fruits" by electrical manufacturers, colors, sizes and shapes is always difficult to find a reader  that fits the installation requirements.

IMG 4665Protasia has now created a proximity reader able to fit within blind caps, normally used. 4 small holes can be done using the proper mold and allow to fit the reader into blind caps leaving out only the LEDs. YOR offrers 4 LEDs which can be associated to different scenes, different status and memories.

Tags Up to 80
RF reading 125KHz
False RFID detection Yes
Partition Managment More than 4
LED 4 led, 4 colors
Buzzer Yes
Reading distance 1-3 cm
Power supply 12V +/- 30%
Dimensions 35 x 30 x 4 mm
Weight 15 g

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